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Overall Strategic Objectives for Haywood County Group SalesGroups Workshop

  • Utilize Haywood County’s numerous event and meeting venues to drive group bookings that will generate new room nights and increased visitor spending across the entire county.
  •  Seek out opportunities to generate county-wide economic impact through meetings and events that facilitate activity in multiple communities.
  • Attend industry trade shows, networking events, and make sales calls to travel planners, AAA offices, and motor coach companies.
  • To turn Day Trip groups into overnight group stays by having them experience our attractions and entice them to return for more fun for multiple days.

Group Sales 3 Year Strategic Plan

Group Tour Itineraries – These are actual itineraries for groups who are visiting the area. Their complete schedule is available to download. Partners are always welcome to join us at any or all the stops.

  • Travel South INTL FAM Full Itinerary– December 4, 2015.  A group of international tour planners will be visiting the area to experience Haywood County. The goal is to entice them to bring international groups to Haywood in the near future.
  • Let’s Go Travelin’ Itinerary-December 8, 2015. This is a group of Boomers who are traveling to Haywood County as part of a “Both Sides of the Smokies Tour: Nashville to Asheville.”

A Group Sales Workshop with Industry Partners held on November 5, 2015. Below are downloads of the handouts given.

  • Group Sales Workshop – Download the presentation. Topics include: What is a Group, Types of Groups, What Does Group Sales Entail, How do Groups Benefit You, What is an RFP, and more.
  • Profile Sheet – Used to give information about the sales manager to tour planners.
  • Four Seasons Itinerary – Itineraries are used to create interest in Haywood County and sell our destination to tour planners. This  2-sided sheet is generally the only piece allowed to be handed to tour planners during appointments at various trade shows.
  • Tracking Numbers -Sample spreadsheet of how the HCTDA will track Group Sales in the county.
  • Tracking Numbers Explained – Definitions of what’s being tracked.
  • Groups Terminology – Groups language used in the industry.

2018 Leisure Group Sales Leads
HCTDA Lead Share Policy June 2018 (download)