Partnership Funding

The HCTDA Partnership Funding program is on a Fiscal year basis from July 1 – June 30. To apply for funding you must attend one of the Mandatory Workshops. Programs, festivals, or special events should have a history of, or the potential for attracting out-of-county visitors, either as participants or spectators and generating room nights in Haywood County accommodations.  Consideration will also be given to events that can generate national, state, or regional media exposure for Haywood County and its tourism offerings.

2017/2018 Grants Spreadsheet

Composition & Rules of Operation of the HCTDA 1% Subcommittees

Funding Return On Investment Form

Maggie Valley Co-op Logo


Waynesville Co-op Logo


2018/2019 Funding Guidelines and Forms

2018/2019 1Percent Guidelines & Digital Forms (pdf download)
2018/2019 1 Percent Guidelines & Forms (word doc.)

2018/2019 3 Percent Guidelines & Digital Forms (pdf Download)
2018/2019 3 Percent Guidelines & Digital Forms (word doc.)

2017/2018 1% Funding Forms

2017/2018 1% Timeline
2017/2018 Funding Guidelines
2017/2018 Funding Application
2017/2018 Project Budget
2017/2018 Scope of Work
2017/2018 Payment Checklist
2017/2018 Payment Form
2017/2018 Reallocation Form
2017/2018 Final Evaluation Report
2017/2018 Visitor Tracking Form

2017/2018 3% Funding Forms

2017/2018 3% Timeline
2017/2018 3% Grant Guidelines
2017/2018 3% Application
2017/2018 3% Project Budget
2017/2018 3% Scope of Work
2017/2018 3% Payment Form
2017/2018 Reallocation Form
2017 3% Final Evaluation Report
2017/2018 3% Visitor Tracking Form



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