Subcommittees & Scoring

1% ZIP Code Subcommittee – Score Sheet Guidance

• Every submitted grant will receive a score by each subcommittee member.

• Final scores will come from the average of the three (3) subcommittee member scores.

• Scores 60 and above will be considered for funding.

• Not all scores above 60 are guaranteed to receive funding (based on available funds).

• Scores 59 and below will receive notification of score to help with future applications.

• Scored grants will be put in order from high to low and an amount will be awarded based on subcommittee recommendation, with a     funding cap based on score. 

            1. Scores 90-100 can receive up to 100% funding.

            2. Scores 75-89 can receive up to 75% funding.

            3. Scores 60-74 can receive up to 50% funding.

• 1% ZIP Code Subcommittee recommendation will go to HCTDA Finance Committee for review and then to HCTDA Board for final approval.

Composition & Rules of Operation of HCTDA 1% Zip Code Subcommittees

Section 1 – HCTDA 1% Zip Code Subcommittees Creation

            The Haywood County Tourism Development Authority 1% Zip Code Subcommittees were established and appointed by Resolution of the Haywood County Board of County Commissioners in March 2008.

            The HCTDA 1% Zip Code Subcommittees were first established and appointed as a result  of legislation authorizing Haywood County to levy an additional one percent occupancy tax to be distributed into five separate zip code areas of the county based on the collection area from which the proceeds were collected.

            State Law Reference: Session Law 2007-337; House Bill 1013

Section 2 – Composition & appointment of members

            Each zip code area will have a three-member subcommittee made up of members that reside or work within the same zip code.

            One member will be a TDA Board member (that represents the appropriate zip code).

            One member will be a representative of the STR Accommodations industry (an owner or manager) from within the appropriate zip code and recommended by the Town Aldermen.

            One member will be an owner or manager of a tourism related business or STR Accommodations industry within the appropriate zip code and recommended by the Town Aldermen.

            In the Lake Junaluska zip code the recommendations (in addition to the TDA Board Member from the 28745 zip code) will be determined by Lake Junaluska Executive Management.

            If a zip code area is unable to fulfill the requirements for recommending the Subcommittee positions, an HCTDA board member will be assigned to fill the available seat.

            The Haywood County Board of Commissioners will appoint all Zip Code Subcommittee members based on recommendations from the individual towns and Lake Junaluska.