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The HCTDA Partnership Funding program is on a Fiscal year basis from July 1 – June 30. Programs, festivals, or special events should have a history of, or the potential for attracting out-of-county visitors, either as participants or spectators and generating room nights in Haywood County accommodations.

Explanation of Grant Categories

This grant category is for SPONSORSHIP of an event or project that have the potential to increase overnight visitation to Haywood County. An example of this would be a running event, festival or series of events. Another example would be short-term enhancements to an area for fall or winter decorations. The grant would be used for marketing this specific event or project, enhancing the experience or visualization of event or project.

Tourism Related
This grant category is for CAPITAL expenditures, which enhance to tourism experience long term. An example of a capital expenditure is building a new park, shelter or park bench. This grant could also be a new art instillation or mural. Grant matching is another option, assisting with planning projects for capital improvements. This grant category is not meant for event sponsorships or promotion-based advertising.

Composition & Rules of Operation of the HCTDA 1% Subcommittees
Explanation of Grant Categories

2021/2022 Grant Timeline

2021/2022 1% Grant Applications

[Download PDFs to fill out information]

READ FIRST 1% Sponsorship Grant Guidelines
1% Sponsorship Grant Application

READ FIRST: 1% Advertising & Promotion Grant Guidelines
1% Advertising & Promotion Application

READ FIRST: 1% Tourism Related Grant Guidelines
1% Tourism Related Grant Application

2021/2022 3% Grant Applications

READ FIRST: 3% Sponsorship Grant Guidelines
3% Sponsorship Grant Application

READ FIRST: 3% Tourism Related Grant Guidelines
3% Tourism Related Grant Application

2021/2022 Post Approval Required Forms

1% Request For Payment Form
1% Final Grant Evaluation Report

3% Request For Payment Form
3% Final Grant Evaluation Report

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